Rooftop Gardens: The only option in the city?

By | February 28, 2009

Living in Taipei City is a great experience, it’s alive vibrant and fast! But for those moments when you need a few moments peace, it can be a hard city to find a tranquil place. Unless you live on the top floor of an apartment building. Usually if you live on the top floor, you have access to the roof, which in a city like this is a flat roof, meaning there is an opportunity to create a rooftop garden experience for yourselves on whatever floor  you are on.

Akalla Panorama

This rooftop would be an ideal place to create such a space. In fact, New York City has become quite a lush city in that respect. You will also get privacy, and to some extent, security. Perhaps you will not need any fence installation unless it is to keep out the plant thieves!