Roman Baths: The alternate Walk In Bath

By | September 30, 2009

Roman, originally uploaded by obblogatory.

This photo was taken over 10 years ago on our visit to Bath, England. I had often heard of the famous baths there, and this was our chance to walk back in time, see the bath house as it was, and imagine the voices of ancient Britons and Romans enjoying the waters of Bath.

Luckily, private bathing has come a long way, and apart from countries like Japan and Korea which have wonderful bath houses and spas, the more reclusive Westerners can enjoy most of the experiences of bathing at home in their own walk in bath safely, and comfortably.

Personally, I have experienced several nasty falls in the bathroom, one of which engendered a trip to the local hospital to make sure I hadn’t broken something… so I really appreciate the fact that bathrooms, though they shouldn’t, can be really dangerous places.

I wonder how many Romans met with accidents in bathhouses… I bet there were a few…