– TV REALity Show

By | December 12, 2006

I’ve been enjoying the first two episodes of a reality tv show about the startup of as they go around promoting the concept at conferences and set up the offices. These guys work 80 hour weeks, putting me to shame for sure! I don’t know at the same time if I even envy them!

The episodes are only about 8minutes, so it’s perfect. You get a chance to watch the owners and staff REALLY working as they try to bring about their dream, Ted’s 6th company!

This is so NOT the Apprentice, either! Why? Because you get to make the mistakes in REAL life, not some quasi-real training program, with small objectives. The objective is to quite simple: to create a successful company based on a unique twist in blogging.

This is gritty stuff! And there are some definitely apprentice-like moments, but this is real TV, not reality TV. That difference is key, this is people living out their lives, not just for TV’s sake.

As co-owner of a start-up a few years ago, we had many similar experiences, frustrations, problems, challenges, and victories. For example, we had outgrown our original location, but we couldn’t find anywhere to move to. In fact, it took us about six months to find anywhere remotely decent. Moving in day was also messy, too, though part of it was decorated, we had to get out the paint brushes ourselves. It was dirty, messy, tiring, but FUN! And so, I think that’s why I like watching Rockstartup.