Recent Purchases on Shopee: Tights

By | November 14, 2023

These are fun to wear, and pretty comfortable. I typically wear them with 3/4 length pants so the two tones aren’t so visible. But if I pair them with shortpants, it’s great in the summer! We need to have some color fun with our clothes colors!

Actually, it was Milane that got me wearing tights in the first place. They have men’s tights but once I figured out that I just needed to buy bigger sizes of tights… I could wear any. I just can’t wear the ones in the convenience stores or supermarkets, they’re too small, too bad quality (cheap and nasty) and too uncomfortable.

And most guys’ color choices are just … DREADFUL! Like who died DREADFUL! What is wrong with us guys (and no, that is not a question)! Black, white, brown and then, maybe dark blue or gray (oh, we should be so thankful).

The materials aren’t even comfortable or light. Giordanos are the worst: scratchy horrible fabrics, NET is somewhat better. Jeans are like wearing cardboard boxes; and the pants are like squeezing into plumbers pipes that are too narrow. Come on!

I finally found that I prefered more stretchy, softer fabrics, so I buy a good % of my clothes from across the aisle now. I finally feel comfortable in what I wear. After years of wearing clothes that made me feel I was going to war.

It didn’t suit how I felt about myself, the work I do, or how I felt about other people. I’m not going into battle, people! I’m not putting on armor. I’m trying to feel at home in my own clothes.

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