Real Estate Software: Really Useful!

By | October 17, 2006

I was wondering what people use to track their real estate. If you have houses, cell towers, and other assets, what would you use? It’s quite important to be able to accurately track the assets that you own. Excel has been very good for me, but still you need to spend quite a bit of time tweaking it, writing new sheets, and making sure your calculations aren’t wrong. And it still isn’t online, nor is it a database!
Siterra offers a wonderful web-based package that would enable everyone from a small landlord to a major corporation to check and maintain their records online. Their Asset Tracking Software should enable anyone to speed up, simplify and connect information, people and assets across your organization. So if you have several properties, even if they are different, such as residential, commercial, industrial, or whatever, this software should allow you to manage, review and analyze your properties in real time. You will be able to compare your properties and share it with those who need it – Manage, Analyze, Share >>> Profits!

Now … where can I get the real estate? mmm.