Promoting Your Business: A Good Old Fashioned Approach

By | October 18, 2006

Our business has decided to start promoting more aggressively our services to attract new clients. Our new location hasn’t been as big an obstacle to our success as we first feared, but still we need to drive more customers to our location, as it is out of the way a little.

So, we are now creating flyers, posters, activities, a website, etc. all to attract new customers. I have been going around looking for suitable places to post our posters. With new activities, e.g. Halloween, it will be easier to get placements, as it involves kids, fun things, free stuff, etc.

I’ve also looked at our blog/website. We’ve updated it and added Chinese to make things look more relevant. We managed to get it ranked as PR3, though now it is PR2, as we’ve been spending more time on traditional media. With a bit of perseverance, we should push it to PR4 or PR5 in no time, by linking to larger websites, commenting, etc.

I am still casting around for new ideas as well! Anyone?