Problem Parents: Send them on their way!

By | March 31, 2006

[quote=”Bassman”]This parent was saying how their kid couldn’t write and translate complete sentences from a grammar book and how kids should learn to write before they can speak.

After the parent left everyone commented on the stupidity of the statement.


I’d give them the name card of their nearest cram school, and direct them out of the door. You’re clearly wasting their time, because they have quite different expectations. Wish them well. Send them on their way.

Our school has done it. We will continue to do this. It’s unfortunate for the kids involved but if parents are too stubborn to listen, then that’s just sad.

Let them make their choice. Clearly, when they joined your school, they did not UNDERSTAND what you were trying to achieve with your teaching. It’s not that unusual, sinc most parents’ learning experience clearly shapes their own attitudes to their students. “It worked for me, so it must be good enough for my child” thinking. I think the difference is merely the degree of misunderstanding.

Like I said, why give yourself a headache. Give out your nearest cramschool phonenumber. Even offer to personally enrol that child.

If things work out, the parent might remember you suggested it. If things don’t, (as we both suspect), he’ll be too embarrassed to come back and bother you. IF he does come back, you need to explain to him that this is the way YOU teach.