Presidential Race: 2, 3, 4 Candidates?

By | November 20, 2023

“Taipei, Nov. 19 (CNA) Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Chairman Ko Wen-je said Sunday that he will continue to fight to the end as his party’s presidential candidate, after the TPP and Kuomintang (KMT) failed to agree to forming a joint presidential ticket the day before.” (more)

So it looks like if there is no joint-ticket, we’re heading for a three-way and possible four-way race. This will undoubtedly benefit the ruling DPP’s choice of candidate, since William Lai is currently poll leader by a significant margin.

In a way, almost any child would be able to understand the dynamic going on here: both want to play leader, no one wants to play 2nd fiddle. Both the KMT and the TPP candidates have been privileged as mayors for 2 terms. Though Hou Yu-ih is the mayor of a bigger city, he has not finished his 2nd term. Ko Wen-Chang has served 2 terms successfully of the first city in Taiwan.

Hou is popular amongst older voters; Ko among younger voters. A joint ticket makes a lot of sense. Without a joint ticket, though, it’s unlikely at this point in time, either candidate can win. While many voters are keen for a power rotation after 8 years of a DPP led government, it’s looking less likely right now.

‘The parties were expected to announce an agreed-upon candidate yesterday at 10am, but instead announced that they needed further consultations after a disagreement over how to use polling data to make the selection.” (more)

Running mates are announced by several candidates already, so it’s almost time to put up or shut up! I’m not holding my breath for agreement. The click is ticking until candidate registration date later this week.