PPP Rocks… I tell you three reasons why…

By | November 24, 2006

What is PayperPost?
Payperpost is a website that allows you to advertise on blogs. PPP’s reviewers will write reviews of products and services appropriate to their interest and place the posts on their websites/blogs.

Why does it rock?(ed: having second thoughts now)
I think it used to great for three basic reasons that benefit most bloggers:

1. You get paid a little money to do something you enjoy doing, blogging and writing. You’re not quite a pro writer, yet. But it is nice, esp. if you have been blogging for quite a while to see a little financial reward for something that you care about. Blogging isn’t necessarily a ‘free’ hobby, though it seems free. Such rewards can help pay for your webhosting bills, your own advertising, a cappuccino on a blue day, … It helps.

2. You are not required to post about any particular product or service UNLESS you think you can. There’s no boss sitting over your shoulder telling you what to write and how to write. It’s quite a free and open service. So you can pour your passion into things that you care about, are interested in or think will benefit others, too.

3. Lastly, though, the act of writing, if done thoughtfully and carefully, encourages you to write more. Since you have to space posts between each opportunity, at least, it can really help to encourage you to write more often, thereby improving your habit, increasing your page depth, developing your skill, and so on. In fact, many bloggers report the regular posting habit helps drive extra traffic to your website as well. Now what can be wrong about that!

All in all, I do think PPP rocks, so sign up today, and enjoy it!