Postie Patrol: Come hither, if you dare!

By | October 18, 2006

Payperpost is trying to woo us ‘posties’ by playing surprise visits to people! Hah! I doubt think they’ll ever be able to catch me! I attached this comment to their comments… “If you guys wanna come visit me, you’d better be getting return air tickets from wherever you are to Taipei, Taiwan.Still it’d be nice. I can show the ‘lights’ and ‘delights’ of Taipei…
* the nightmarket
* the girls
* the food
* the mountains
* the girls
* the culture
* did I mention the girls?

Oh, sorry… I’m repeating myself.”

Actually, I think it’s a great way to encourage us to write. I don’t know about you, but I would love to be one of those visits! hah! It really helps to bring people together I guess. We all sit at our pcs and type away, never meeting anyone out in the ‘ether’. So ties to Payperpost are tenuous at best.

So, postie patrol, patrol away!

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