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By | November 4, 2006

A reader at Forumosa.com wrote:
I have a 16 page PDF file which needs to be “edited.” Does anyone know if this can be accomplished? Can anyone actually do this?? I imagine you would need the appropriate software.

As a sometime user of Reader, I was messing around with it when I discovered a useful function. I also outline this function here for you!

Method #1 (less efficient): You can printscreen each page. Paste each into a graphics editor and remove the stuff that way by cut/crop. Save each as a separate image. Import each page into Word (import a graphics file), then produce a new PDF that way.

Method #2 (more efficient, if available): However, by accident, I did discover a neat trick in Adobe Reader v7.0.7 and Word, that should save you a lot of time and trouble.

Here’s what you can do.

1. download, install Reader 7.0.7. it’s free and easy.
2. open your document in Reader.
3. place the ‘hand’ icon over the area you want to copy, then click. It will change to small cross hairs. Keep holding the left button and drag.
4. When finished, right click the mouse, and you’ll see copy to clipboard. Click on that.
5. Open word and paste it into the empty document.

You can paste sections of the document that remain the same. then retype the rest by hand. You can also click to get a whole page, and paste that. You will need to practice a few times, and resizing the graphic in Word might need some practice, too.

Works beautifully and easily.

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