Panda Updates again! MEAN Google!

By | October 15, 2011

It looks like Google is on the Panda rampage again, pandalizing innocent websites left right and center.  Oh, boy!

I’m seeing a similar drop in Google Traffic from yesterday, for no apparent reason. I think that Google visits to my site have dropped but I can’t see why at the moment. The only way to know for sure is to monitor traffic for the next few days, and also search rankings! But seriously, why bother?

Google’s games with the rankings are just a reminder that we should all strive to develop multiple streams of traffic. I just wish I had the time! With the continual shenanigans from Google, I may have to rephrase the sentence: how can I NOT have time to do that?

Why? Because I was checking through many of the blogs, and run many checks using Yahoo! Site Explorer.The vast majority of the sites (out of my sample of about 20) have only a few hundred back links to their site ie. between 300~500 backlinks in Yahoo! SE. There are one or two with vastly larger numbers of back links (like with over 8000), but it seems that this algo ‘may’ be discounting some back links or at least undervaluing links.

I’m not sure this explains all algo changes, but it seems to indicate that many sites (similar to mine) are also similar in the number of backlinks. There may be additional reasons why sites like have been dropped, such as internal page structure issues, etc.

I wonder if anyone can add any further to this…