Loans: A Credit to you?

I went to an amusement park recently, and while I was there, I picked up a wallet that belonged to someone else. It had been dropped on the ground. I opened it to see if I could find a telephone number or a name card, but I struck out. What did strike me though was the number of credit card/loan cards the guy had in his wallet. There must have been eight of them, if not more. This wasn’t an old guy either. He must have been in his early thirties.
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Personal Description

At the beginning, when I got married, we spent pretty much all our savings on the wedding itself, on some furnishings and on transportation. That was mostly money that came from a ‘hui’, so we had saved for nearly a year to generate that kind of cash. But it was all gone. So we had to start from nothing again. That wasn’t the first time, either. The previous year, we had spent all our cash on a trip to the UK to visit family. Boom! All gone. While it wasn’t easy come, it was certainly easy go…
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Financial Reluctance?

This afternoon, in my fuzziness, I was listening to a woman talking about her financial situation. It was on Fool Radioshow! I was very surprised by her attitude to her finances, in summary, she didn’t like thinking about her finances, didn’t want to invest time thinking about them, and didn’t necessarily see the importance of doing so.

As I reflected on this, I realized there are many people like this. But to me, this digging your head in the sand now seems odd. So many products out in the market place, from credit cards to insurance policies, rely on the fact that we as consumers never want to read the fine print. We’d rather get on with our lives. And yet, within that, we find that we become victims to all kinds of ’scams’, including perfectly legal ones at that.
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