Out and about: Scotland vs. Taiwan

By | February 25, 2008

Some pictures, like the ones I took today reminded me of the days when my family and I went camping in Scotland. We’d see wonderful sunsets, by sea and in the mountains.


In those days, my parents were very active hill walkers, and they ‘worked’ hard to encourage us to ‘follow in their footsteps’. Some weekends, and in the summer, we’d pack up our camping gear and head for the hills of Grampian region. Some of their favorite spots included Braemar, Ballater (my own favorite spot), Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, and many more.

In sticky and sultry Taiwan, you have to go to places in the mountains to escape the heat of summer; and in many places it feels like the cool summers of Scotland.

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One picture was taken at MingChih in the summer of 2007! It was so cool and the vegetation was so reminiscent of Scotland, I felt almost at home. Can you spot which of the three pictures were taken in Scotland? Comment your answers!

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