Of Golf, St. Andrews and Jack Nicklaus: Why did I never learn to play golf?

By | June 20, 2008

As I already said, I studied at St. Andrews for five glorious years. That was quite sometime ago, I came across this video on YouTube… Jack Nicklaus playing the 18th at the Old Course in St. Andrews before he retired. I can remember the course being covered in snow one winter in 1985 or 1986.


Unfortunately, during those years, I never ventured onto the Old Course, even though I lived (yes!) just five minutes from that Course! Of course, I knew the sacrifices that golfers have made throughout the hundreds of years that the course has been open to play the Old Course. I didn’t pick up any Callaway irons or indeed any other irons at all! It would have been a good place to start playing golf! Who knows, I might have even liked it! Perhaps I will still try. And now there are seven courses to play in St. Andrews alone: Old, New, Jubilee, Eden, Strathtyrum, Balgove and the Castle Course!

But it’s one of the odd facets of human nature: when things are easy, we don’t want them; it’s only when things get more difficult that we begin to understand their importance.