When Chinese New Year comes, I’ll have had my mobile phone for 2 years… and my how things have changed in the past two years: We’ve had a crumbling Nokia who turns out could have had the first touch phone several years before the iphone came on the scene.

We’ve had several iterations of the iphone handset, and even new product launches with the iPad from Apple. And Google’s Android is now commanding a remarkable portion of the marketplace with its Android 2.2 system (a system that seems almost ready…)

Blackberry’s updated its stuff, as Microsoft is about to launch Windows 7. So, is it time to try out a new handset? Well, almost.

The one feature that would make the biggest difference to my life: inbuilt-Wifi-hotspot ability. It seems that the iphone can do this but it’s not a standard feature. HTC on the other hand does this out of the box! Wow! It would be nice to be really untethered and wirelessly connected without having an ugly dongle hanging from netbook USB ports!

So what will my next handset be? An Apple, … Android or something else!