I just tried to buy an app on Ovi store. It was a dismal failure. I had no feedback or response from the server saying what happened. In general:

Ovi online is a very poorly built site with limited functionality, and lots of problems making standard operation difficult, if not at times impossible.

the Ovi store doesn’t allow you to add credit cards to your account, doesn’t allow you to use a Paypal account, and if you want to download something (even paid apps) and install from a pc You CAN’T.

the ovi store application is unreliable, frustratingly slow and crashed when I tried it on my phone. So I removed it.

So I decided to buy it online on my handset: apart from being very difficult to see on a handset like mine (who uses light gray on an app for the words!); the inbuilt browser is a troll and works very poorly; I had to login, then I was taken to a standard page, despite requesting the specific page. So I had to reopen the app page from the app itsself. Finally, I found the page, clicked buy. Still no luck. I had to enter a card. I did. Then clicked ‘next’ and nothing happened. I eventually had to abandon the entire ‘cart’ after waiting five minutes.

Overall, Nokia builds fine phones for the 20th century. But they really are a company looking backwards, not forwards.

Can it be so hard to build a reliable app/website/store for the Symbian system that they themselves wrote?

Worse, at every turn, they are losing $$$ because I know for one that I won’t ever buy an app from their store (it doesn’t work). If they get it right, it may be too late because I will replace my phone next year… and it won’t be a nokia that I buy.

I have some apps on my phone. But it’s just no worth the hassle of downloading, installing, activating and using. That’s why I believe NOKIA do not fundamentally understand the new era of phones.

I’d be selling this stock because I can’t see anywhere for this company to go but down from here.