Nintendo Games: Another chance to lose your sight!

By | November 23, 2006

Play free online games in the old style of the Nintendo! Do you remember those Nintendo games with the really small screens on which you used to play such gems as Pacman and Ms. Pacman, SuperMario and even Dragracer. I always tried to ‘borrow’ the game machine from my cousins, but could never get them long enough to be any good!
Nintendo for the nearly blind!It looked something like this image does.

Now, go to and rediscover the original reasons you now have to wear glasses! A real trip down memory lane. I already played Pacman, Supermario, and I’m trying Dragracer, too.

Beware, the screen is SMALL! So for those hard of seeing, change your desktop to 800×600 resolution, and enjoy. I’m including a screenshot of Dragracer to show you what I mean, damn, couldn’t get it to play. Screenshot soon! I promise.

Neat, neat, neat!

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