MOD TV Slowly Getting Better

By | July 2, 2011

Yep, CHT recently updated its and there are about a dozen or more new channels.

Finally, we’re getting some of the bigger channels on MOD. Still no Discovery or HBO channels, but many of the rest are now on MOD TV. From 7/1 we get…
Star Gold
Star Movies
Sky News
Fox News
Fox Movies
Bravo (whatever that is)
Couple of fashion channels
Channel News Asia (tho’ picture quality isn’t good)
Channel V
and one or two more.

Mostly it’s HD channels now. They have over 30 HD channels, now. But no Discovery or HBO channels (yet…?), and some sports channels are missing, too. But they are whipping the cable TV boys digital TV channels for the most part.

That  combined with Diva, Syfy, and a bunch of others means I now have competition for my set-top box from the wife who likes watching Granada TV and MGM movies! Yawn!