Mean boxes, mean cutters, mean packing tape!

By | November 15, 2009

It’s been about three or four weeks since we last ordered a4 paper at school, so I guess it’s time to put in that order. We usually order over the Internet at a local company in Taipei, and they typically deliver a large stack of approx. 10 bales of 500 pages.

Yes, we go through that much paper each month through printing worksheets, quizzes, administration, flyers, homework, etc. It’s quite amazing. But what’s even more amazing: the most expensive part of the equation isn’t the paper. It’s the ink. However, opening the bales of paper can be quite dangerous if you don’t have a good box cutter that can through the tough packing tape.

The packing tape is 100% plastic, tough like you wouldn’t believe, and 1cm wide. Each time I have to hack it with a blunt pair of scissors, and I always wonder why on earth I don’t have a serious injury. I don’t. Luckily.