Marry Yourself – Or will no one have YOU?

By | October 27, 2010

Time was when a woman who couldn’t marry would end up a lonely spinster by her 30’s. Thank god those days are gone. But Taiwan seems to have taken the whole thing one step further…

Or did Chen Wei-yih who finally planned the wedding day she’s been dreaming about since she was a young girl get Ken’s advice all wrong?

Perhaps she should have a honeymoon, too… after all, why not? I could suggest taking Branson vacations for its lively entertainment options. Why? It’s got four season entertainment packages, so there’s a lot to keep a honeymoon coup- eh bride busy. In the meantime, I wish Wei-yih well, and hope that you can see her bridal portraits on Facebook.

Now would I marry myself? Probably not. I’d rather be a bachelor than tie myself to the person in the mirror!