As you know, I’ve been using Mambo off and on for over a year, and now I have three active installations of the latest version. I have been experimenting with modules, and components, and stuff, to see what it can do. Just as I was settling into the most recent version, I read the following news as posted:

The Mambo Split; Miro hostile take over

Now that the most recent developments involving the split between the Mambo Core Development Team (MCDT) and Miro/Mambo Foundation have somewhat ‘settled in’, …

I’ve investigated the new Joomla, and since my installations are not particularly mature yet, I’m considering installing it at at least two of the locations. But I have so many questions… do themes still work? Which mods/components/mambots aren’t ready?

The demo at Joomla looks fine, but I’m still wondering kind of what all the fuss is about. Is Miro getting too greedy or does the company feel that it needs to be more ‘commercial’? … That much is evident from the website that I found the quote at

More to come on this posting…!