Losing your mind? Don’t cast your brain away just yet!

By | November 9, 2006

I’ve been experimenting with this new service, called BrainCast. Although it’s in Beta, I am seeing potential for a way to record memos and have them sent to you, so that you can recall them later. I’m trying to figure out how would it be useful to an international audience though.

With Skype, it could work well, but then I wonder how many of us use other features on our phones, messaging systems, and mobile phones, PDAs, etc. to leave ourselves messages.

Could this be a product looking for a market? I think there is a market for a messaging service that converts messages to email, now that would be something. Let people call you, if they can’t talk to you, leave a message. That message is then emailed to your email! Now that would be useful…

The message service for yourself: well that might be a lame duck, oh, wait, let me send myself a message about it being a lame duck.

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