Loans, Car Dealers: Rate Genius … Can it save some $$$?

By | September 30, 2006

My wife and I bought a car a few years, what a headache dealing with the paperwork was! We just wanted to drive the thing, go a few places, and enjoy the feeling of freedom, but the paperwork took hours to go through. That included the Auto Finance part. I have to this day no idea if we got a good deal or were taken to the cleaner’s. In fact, I haven’t read the loan agreement.

So when I read about this website, naturally, I was intrigued: Could I get a better interest rate? Auto Refinance @ RateGenius suggested that I could save over $4,400 dollars on a $30,000 loan. So RateGenius seems to make it quite easy, and you can get yourself out of the high-interest loan from your car dealer! mmm.

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