List’d: An option to Express yourself?

By | October 9, 2006

I’ve bought quite a lot of stuff from Ebay over the years, and I researched selling but I was frustrated on both accounts because many of the listings just looked so same-y, if you know what I mean. It is difficult for products/listings to stand out. Everyone has pictures, big text, detailed listings, too much information, untidy pages, and long scrolls.

List’D has taken an interesting approach to creating a eBay listing tool. They’ve made a rather pleasant ‘blogger’ style tool: you can add listings, format the text, add pictures, set up your template style (there are some free styles), and choose your payment options.

Its security also allows you to be sure that they are trusted. Neat. I found it quick to register for the service, trouble-free and quite secure. It used Ajax to help things along with pop up windows to highlight features. No browsing additional pages.

You can also schedule your listings, as well as track the current listings in your blog. Overall, I think it’s a pretty nice tool for regular Ebay-sellers, whose volume of sales isn’t too great.