List Restored: HwakangJournal

By | April 11, 2005

I was very happy today to be able to recreate the Hwakang Journal Discussion List at Yahoo! Groups. This list had been very popular in Taiwan, but after a few hiccups and a three day outage, I set up a different discussion area, I decided not to rely on Yahoo! Groups anymore.

Later on though, it became quite clear to me that many people in Taiwan, especially Phil Moriarty and not a few others, had formed quite an attachment to the old list…! So I decided to restore it, but alas! some guy had actually tried to steal the original website and name from me! He wanted to peddle miracle drugs.. not that we didn’t need a few miracles…

Thanks to Yahoo! I managed to get the domain locked for a while, but then today I discovered that the name was again up for grabs… so I grabbed it! Yahoo!

That’s great…! I’ll be able to restore something that was useful, though it will take a lot of commitment from me!

Oh, well… HwakangJournal
pix of the list restored!
Have a look will you!?