Line: So not Skype!

By | October 5, 2013

If this app came out 10 years ago it would’ve been called Skype. But it didn’t. Another me-too Skype app. Deleted!

This app isn’t a Skype replacement. It is actually more a chat messager with skype functionality as additional. It’s much more like PATH, and it is a suite of Apps. Comparing it to Skype, well here are some things you can’t do in Skype:

1. Buy loads of cute stickers

2. Create ‘Pages’ and interact with your friends/family on those pages

3. Play games with the cute characters

4. Use the stickers to communicate with your friends

5. Take, mix and upload photographs to your page or share with friends

6. Share albums of friends

7. Create, edit and share your own ‘timeline’

8. Interact with friends in the many games that Naver also creates

So Line is more of a mix of Facebook (minus the excessive ads/poor privacy), Twitter (minus the public), and Path. All combined with Skype. Oh, and it’s multi-platform, too. The closest alternative is What’sApp, but it works on the Ipad, too. What’sApp doesn’t.

I’ll include my Line page to show you. No link, unfortunately!