Lighting Your House Is Your Business

By | August 2, 2009

If you have rented or bought a house from someone else, it’s likely you simply accepted the lighting units as they were when you moved in. I know I didn’t even bother to check they were working.

One day, though, we must have had a power surge from the local power company. But our other equipment was fine. It was only when I noticed wisps of smoke and small flames coming from the lighting unit, I realized the wiring must have been quite old. I turned off the electricity pretty quick.

Since the apartment was rented, we had to contact our landlady who came over pretty quickly! Choosing a new unit was more difficult as it wasn’t our own place, and we didn’t really think we could spend a whole lot on the unit because the landlady had offered to pay for the replacement herself.

We’d have loved to choose some decent units such as Murray Feiss has: the Tuscan Villa. Our living room was much bigger than our current house, so it would have been quite appropriate. Shame we moved out, we really loved the house. But since then, all sorts of things have happened: our school, my career change, our own house. I ain’t looking back.

Murray Feiss is the design leader of exceptional indoor lighting and outdoor lighting for your home. Their collections include Bob Mackie Home, a name synonymous with glamour and style; and the Colonial Williamsburg, bringing the traditional and transitional heritage to authentic American design and quality. The Feiss family has been producing inspired designs in their chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, pendants and bath lighting for generations. Murray Feiss is Home Fashion for Life.