Life in a can?

By | October 9, 2010

CNN is running a report on living in a giant tin can, oops! I mean a grain silo…

Soup can-shaped homes could be cropping up on a street near you very soon. Addressing affordable housing shortages across America, Philadelphia-based architects Aleksandr Mergold and Jason Austin, of firm Austin + Mergold, have come up with the innovative idea of making pre-fabricated housing using farm grain dryers.

I don’t what life inside steel buildings would be like at all… but here in Taiwan, people use steel sidings to reduce the heat inside top floors of buildings. From the sky, you can see lots of areas of older housing covered with this steel roofing, which indirectly creates a top covered floor useful for other purposes, too.

But if you live inside a steel unit, the heat in summer can be unbearable as it seems to just trap heat. I can’t imagine that in winter it would be any better!