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By | June 2, 2010

New Youth Travel Card makes Taiwan explorations even more fun and appealing
青年旅遊卡二合一 好康等你來!

How would you like to travel around Taiwan while enjoying discounts on more than 700 items and services, including admission fees, transportation, accommodations, local delicacies, souvenirs and Chinese-language courses? 《full text》

想要暢遊台灣,享受門票、交通、住宿、小吃名產、中文學習課程等超過700項旅遊優惠嗎?您絕對不可以錯過行政院青輔會發行的新款青年旅遊卡! 《詳全文》

Exclusive 2010 Taipei Food Festival discounts offered

Exotic foreign foods and local Taiwanese culture have mixed over time and resulted in a variety of untraditional Taipei flavors, giving the city its own unique brand of gourmet cuisine. The 2010 Taipei Food Festival has been holding a series of activities since May and warmly welcomes your participation. 《full text》

世界各大城市很少能像台北一樣,飲食文化多元又豐富,各地美食經過台北城融合在地的力量,都能呈現出不同以往的親切家鄉味。由台北市政府所舉辦的「2010台北國際食尚秀」,從5月起舉辦一系列美食活動,邀請您共襄盛舉。 《詳全文》

Notice: Homemade snacks from expatriates delight local palates

As more expatriate residents move to Taiwan, they not only add multi-cultural hues to local society but also introduce distinctive homemade products, including special snacks that enrich local cuisine. Those interested in these exotic edibles can download the product list here. 《full text》

隨著越來越多的新住民移入,為台灣帶來了多元文化,也帶來了具有特色的手工產品,包括各類特色糕點、食品及蔬菜等;歡迎全國民眾洽詢訂購! 《詳全文》