Knocking on Office’s Door

By | October 17, 2006

‘Office 2.0’ start-ups knock on business doors | CNET

With spreadsheets
blogging tools
google base, plus photo albums, publisher tools, calendar tools,
We’re still waiting for a few applications… but could fill one of the holes with todo list features, and some sort of Outlook Functions.

I’m already using writely and spreadsheets, I’m finding these tools really useful, albeit limited in some ways. Actually, the fact that they are not as complex as desktop versions to me is an asset. I can actually focus more on the task of creating rather than on the bells and whistles. Too many modern tools are way too complex and the extra features end up making us forget what we are SUPPOSED to be doing. Please don’t get me wrong,… I’m not a technophobe, but I prefer tools that are appropriate to what I want to do. So right now, I’m finding that these tools of yours are more enabling in many respects.

Suggestions… mmmm, I’ll let you know.