Keep up with the new movies: Easy or not?

By | May 24, 2010

If you’re a busybee like myself, it’s pretty easy to get out of the habit of going to the movies. So it gets pretty difficult to keep up with the new movies or find out what’s coming up. I’m always surprised when my colleagues talk about movies I’ve never even heard of. So what’s an out-of-touch guy (or gal) to do?

I’ll pull together some resources to help those others facing the same challenge: where do you go first for the latest celebrity movies/news without being bogged down with the New York Post gossip (which really doesn’t interest me that much).

  1. IMDB, the venerable movie site, has a page that introduces the Movie News with a reasonable number of items that you could scan through quickly. Though there is no feed for your RSS Reader, more’s the pity, you should be able to skim and scan the news quite easily.
  2. Google News – once you sign up for a Google account, you can easily create your own Movie News feed and page that is current, automatically updated, and available in your RSS Feed Reader. Look for the ‘edit this page’ link at the top right on the ‘Add a section link’, and then click that. There are dozens, but I liked the one entitled ‘Movie Review’.
  3. Once you have sources of unfiltered information, then you need to get your opinions/ratings and make movie decisions for yourself. You need Opinions from a site like Rotten Tomatoes to help you make decisions about which reviews or previews to look at.
  4. Youtube is now becoming a popular source for trailers, teasers, and previews; so head on over to Youtube and look for the movie title plus a relevant keyword to help you find what you are looking for.

Overall, there are a whole bunch of sites out there that you can keep up with the latest movies, and celebrity news, if you must. But it needn’t be complicated. Just bookmark these sites in one folder, and then next time you want to check out an actor or a movie, just open all the sites in one tab. Voila! In a few minutes, you’ll have worked out for yourself whether "Sex and the City 2" is worth watching or not.