When I was at school, I remember pundits on TV wondering where all the jobs that we would do when we graduate were. Little did they know of jobs that included SEO, web site designer, event designer, database programmer, and so on… And the jobs came, in spades in the 90’s and early 00’s.

I reckon that the future also holds true: our kids’ futures will be doing jobs we can’t even imagine. So should we worry when unemployment is high? Only if our kids show no inclination to do work of any kind. But in times when youth unemployment is increasing in Europe and America, extra resourcefulness will be required of all teachers and parents to keep them gainfully occupied when jobs & money are hard to come by.

Encourage young people to imagine, create and pursue the things they love. There is no guarantee of a job, but without passion and focus, it’s hard to imagine them having any job at all even when times are good.