Is a good answer? It is if you’re looking for Fun’n’English!

By | January 4, 2007

I’m always glad to mention new ESL/EFL related websites on this blog, because I am actually an EFL teacher! Naturally, I was curious to visit Answer English – Practice English. I selected the English for Fun Category and was surprised to see so many options for having Fun in England while you are studying English. You can study our great culture, learn tennis, golf or horse-riding, and even massage/aromatherapy. I nearly forgot horticulture fun and fashions!

I’m pretty sure that one of these options must be enough to *rid unmotivated students of the dull experience of language lessons filled with routine grammar exercise from Jack Dull’s Basic English Grammar or tons of idioms from the 1000th revised/updated/reedited/xth edition of 10000 Basic Idioms!

So, what you waiting for? Ditch your dictionaries! Burn your Books! Come study something fun!

*And I should know, I used to teach dull grammar, and tedious idioms! I finally escaped… but that’s another story!

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