InvestorBlogger: Changing Domains

By | June 11, 2008

Given all the trouble I’ve had in recent months, I’m trying out a new host for I’ll be splitting my domains into three groups in the meantime.

Group 1: Dreamhost will host the smaller sites in the short term. I’ll try to increase stability by reducing resources that are used, by reducing the larger demands. Then I’ll be tidying up all the other sites, reinstalling ALL the accounts.

Group 2: InvestorBlogger will move to BlueHost for the time being. I’ll be trying to determine how they are different or better than Dreamhost.

Group 3: These are the commercial websites that need lesser resources and more stability. These will go to a topnotch webhosting company. I’m still looking for hosting … but each host that I look at has strong points and weak points. And all have complaints! So, I’ll be trying to figure out what is the best.

Since I have about 48 hours to wait until the new blog shows up, I’ll be unable to post any additional information, until then. Please be patient! And apologies for the downtime.