Popping up all over the Taipei Metropolitan area are a new kind of retail store – the box store. Each store has dozens of ‘units’ that you can rent out for a small amount of money. The store manager will then provide retail services for customers, charge an additional commission, and keep an eye on your products.


You can see in the window there are sixteen units … each of them is a sub-store and there are more inside the store as well. There’s quite a variety of stuff in the store, but you will find a heavy slant towards younger women in the merchandise in the store. I’m not sure if this is because it follows the trend in shoppers or if the shoppers that are attracted to this kind of store are this particular segment.


I’ve seen quite a variety of items on sale: toys, clothes, boots, shoes, cosmetics, cookies, bags, etc… I’m seriously tempted to try my own retail skills but I can’t focus on a product that would satisfy both me and my clientele. Perhaps my ideals are too high! Have you seen any of these kinds of stores anywhere else?