Instagram: A Bunch of Thieving Con Artists?

By | December 21, 2012

Doesn’t Instagram or Facebook or Yahoo! get it? You don’t own our content … we license you to use it because it’s in our interests to do so. But when you start to appropriate our content as if it were yours, then … then you have misunderstood us. Seriously misunderstood.

It seems that you think that we give our content to you so you can do whatever you like under the guise of agreeing to new terms. This is not so. We license you, and we reserve the right (regardless of your terms) to control our content the way we want to. It is our content. You merely make it available on your site… It is not yours to sell or prostitute. I don’t want my nice pictures promoting products or services that I do not approve of.

That is the reason I don’t license my photographs (no matter how crap they are) to Facebook or IG without ensuring that those photos are marked with my copyright. Nor can you appropriate the content as you wish. Time for a lawsuit or two, methinks!