HP, Calendars and a brand new camera system!

By | January 3, 2007

Well, Ted from PPP is giving away 5 sets of HP Photo Gear to encourage us Posties to improve our skills in digital photography.

Ted just got a shipment of ten awesome new 6 megapixel digital cameras and photo printers from our friends at HP. These things are SWEET and we want to get them in the hands of our Posties. Ted heard Tamale’s sob story and she found a new camera on her desk the next week.

Now who wouldn’t want one, eh? I ask you… WHO? And I am not going to tell Ted a sob story. I got too much to do right now, and I can’t find my box of tissues. So here are my three reasons why I think a great HP Camera should be finding its way to me, despite the fact that I spurned this offer three times, until I saw my Calendar that I had made, courtesy of Lulu.com, for 2007. You can read about that here.

First reason: I really want to make some great Calendars. I am now planning several themed calendars: including North East Coast of Taiwan (where I live); and Sights of Taipei. I know that they will never be great sellers, but hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Second reason: I’m also planning a book called “Soup, Sandwiches and S**!” My wife has learned the knack of making some great sandwiches including a B(E)LT – the E stands for Egg! I love making great soups, and the last category is up for grabs, it could be Snacks, Sweets or Shakes or Smoothies? I dunno yet. But a great camera would help a great deal to make some mouth-watering, belly rumble causing pictures to entice people to open their wallets for my book!

Third reason: My wife’s school has lots of great cute children all learning English, and it would be just dandy to be able to take photographs of the cutest ones, printout the pictures and give them to the parents as they go home! Now that would be a great advertisement – all those smiling faces, big and small, coming out of our building!

So those are my reasons… I don’t know of any of them being good enough! But if Ted gives me a camera, I’ll be sending him a copy of my book, should it be published in 2007! That’s a promise!

In fact, I’m now posting a series of photographs on a weekly basis, the first one is already up.

“HP sponsored this post.” or “This post was brought to you by HP.”