How not to do affiliate marketing: A Lesson

By | March 12, 2010

I’ve been working with one affiliate marketer who’s been building niche affiliate sites for several years now. It’s a fun and challenging process, but if you take a look at some of the sites that typical marketers promote, like this one promoting a stretch mark cure.

A quick gander around the site will highlight a number of important issues that will relegate this site to the supplementals index of Google as quickly as you can say ‘Goo…’.

Choosing important keywords

While Alexa rankings are VERY skewed, from my other experiments with affiliate sites that use the WordPress platform (or indeed any platform), choosing your keywords with good traffic and monetization capability is paramount to the success of any affiliate site like the one above.

Create Articles and Reading

A quick look at the keywords suggests some real demand for this product, but with a site that focuses on reviews, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of traffic looking for similar competing products. There are no articles to improve rankings, get long tail traffic or make something worth customer’s spending any time on the site.

Privacy Policy – Missing!

There are no privacy policies anywhere on the site, and despite statements to the effect covering disclaimers and contact, each of the pages is an excuse to use the same product page again.

Google will simply dump this site.

With one page of content, most of which is derived or copied from other sources; links that take readers away from the site in one click; and nothing written to attract customers, I can’t see how this site will be seen as anything other than a rather unsuccessful affiliate marketing site, and consequently won’t have any good Google ranking at all.

It’s a pity because a knowledgeable person could really eat up this market, there’s good demand for information, products and services that can help with what many women perceive as important to them. This site will just drown.