I remember buying my first portable pc by TwinHead. It was a 386 pc with about 16MB of RAM, and 80 MB hard disk. Yes, MB, not GB.twinhead

Even then I had data storage problems that I haven’t adequately solved… I was always swapping floppies for my databack up. I even used to pop the notebook in my bag and get my motorbike and ride to work. There was one HUGE flaw: it had a short circuit so everytime I got a mild shock when I touched the casing!

This pic captures the look and design of the machine: but I can’t find my own model! I can’t even remember the model number. But one thing was sure: there wasn’t enough memory for my use even then!

memory supplies

Nowadays, I’m using two PCs at home one with 2 hard disks topping out at 160GB, 768MB of RAM; and the other about half the size. I also have numerous portable disks (three, I think!), a DVD burner, and lots of memory cards,… I’m sure I don’t have enough computer memory now, and I know I haven’t solved my computer back up problems even now!