How do you screen employment candidates?

By | July 14, 2010

Our school recently tried to hire teachers for the summer, and we were met by a woeful array of candidates: the lady who smoked and was late, the ex-pilot who didn’t know what to do in the class, the top university candidate who assumed he was automatically qualified, the lady who wanted everything upfront without adequate training (or any), the person who was so impatient to get on with the job that he forgot about the learning curve needed … the list goes on and on.

If it’s difficult for workers, think about the employment screening issues that face most small companies like ours, where the right candidate can really make the company, and the wrong one can destroy it.

The reality is that finding suitable staff is a huge nightmare for us, one that requires a large output of effort to get a large failure rate of candidates, so we resort often to less formal means than advertising our position such as word of mouth, ads on our website, etc..