… but I time travel using Google Maps. I visit her old house where I can see her things through the window. I see her things in the windowsill. I wonder what she is doing. Mom moved often in her life, part of her restless spirit, so she didn’t live here that long. But my memory is of her here.

We visited her one long summer ago, sharing the bedroom on the top floor. The place was crammed with her things, some of which she kept and actually used: a library of books, numerous knitting machines, exercise equipment, and much more. That was a lovely summer in Dingwall.

Mom buzzing around Dingwall in her wheel chair. And pictured left, me with my long lost denim jaket. I miss that thing! I lost it in 2017 on a train out of Inverness. I couldn’t find it. Well, I had it for like a long time. Time to get another one!