Hazing in the Military – Don’t soldiers care for their Comrades-in-Arms

By | November 19, 2008

I recently came across the story in the summer published in the Daily Telegraph in the UK which describes a hazing incident in the army that resulted in a poor soldier literally boiling himself to death. He suffered, not hypothermia, but hyperthermia in which his body temperature soars above the regular range.

I wrote a brief reply after searching for the regiment’s home page. I don’ t know if anyone ever read the email so I’m now posting my response here.

I’m quite disgusted that individuals in your regiment seem to show no regard for human life, least of all members of their own regiment. This is appalling.

Sergeant Russell Price, 45, of 2 Rifles, Sergeant Blake, 37, and Corporal John Edwards, 33, both from the 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh Regiment, who carried out the beasting, all deny the manslaughter of Pte Williams.

That the officers and soldiers who conducted this hazing incident without regard for the individual’s safety astonishes me.

Clearly they are not fit to serve under any regiment of any flag, and should be summarily dismissed regardless of the outcome of the trial.

I’m appalled that I have to spend time writing this email. But I’m outraged.

Aren’t these soldiers proud of our military? What were they thinking?


KJ Dickson

While one accepts that the military is an aggressive and even dangerous organisation to work with, there still needs to be a fundamental respect for human beings, because that is who they are serving, is it not?