Great seeing you guys! Do come back!

By | August 6, 2008

alan and cynthia and ian 

Well, I have a great friend from Taiwan who is now married and living in NYC, it was great to see them again in Taichung over the past few weeks, but I just got an email from them after they want back to the States. This was Cynthia and Alan’s first time to bring Ian back to Taiwan to see family and friends! I quite like this picture because it makes Ian look like the captain of a spaceship!

Anyway, they all live in New York City, and I was thrilled to find out they had bought a house in the city at a good price. Of course, with the recent property weakness, I’m hoping that they didn’t overpay for their property. I do remember buying our house, and I was surprised how quickly we filled it up with our stuff. If they’re anything like us, they’ll have needed some good New York movers to help them move their stuff. We needed two large trucks for ours, and we made the trip twice. After living here 8 years, I’ve got no idea how many vans we’d need now…!