How long should you keep a mattress? I mean how long? We’ve been married 15 years and for some reason we just realized that we’ve never bought another mattress! I have no idea why?

Perhaps guilt has pricked my conscience but recently every time we go to a major local store, we’ve checked out the mattress sales to find out what’s on sale, what quality is like, and what we can get.

I can definitely tell you I won’t be buying one from Ikea… I’m just not convinced that the materials are all that quality. The quality of many things at Ikea seems to be focused on how things look. Costco is a definite possibility, though choice is severely limited. Or perhaps we’ll go to one of the bedding stores nearby and get something decent.

Of course, the biggest thing we could do to find some decent Zzzs is get our neighbor to move out, but we’ve not found a decent strategy that we can afford to achieve that end!