From Sisyphus to Saint: Speech Writers Simplify the Soul

By | April 5, 2010

it’s always interesting to read success stories, like Donald Trump’s or richard willich‘s, but there’s always a sense when you read the biographies of their being ordained or fated to be successful, that somehow they were appointed by God to rule the empire, that somehow they are linked by a celestial lineage to a God on the Mount of Olympus.

Somehow, the language doesn’t seem appropriate when you parse it closely as it’s been written for consumption much like a speech writer wrote President Obama’s inauguration speech or Tiger Woods’ apology.

There’s little spontaneity in the text, and the words seem to flow from one hot button to the next, one sound bite to the next, one pose to the next. It’s almost as if any natural flow of thought, any human utterance, any glimpse of the soul has been removed to conform to whatever image the image masters want to create.

Come on, gentle people! You’re big enough, smart enough, rich enough, talented enough, … to know that it’s as important to know the ‘flaws’ or imperfections that make great people human and that make you great. We want to know your humanity, your human struggles, your challenges.

What on earth could you (or your lawyers) be afraid of revealing? After all, you are human, aren’t you? Or is that what everyone is hiding…