From Guitar Solos to Guitar Heroes

By | April 22, 2012

I’ve been a huge Genesis fan for ages, but much of the progressive rock period included fantastic guitar playing as well as amazing flights of creative fantasy. Groups like Genesis, ELP, Supertramp, Yes, Queen, and Pink Floyd have all become my favorites.

Thanks to the enduring popularity, they’ve recently enjoyed something of a revival, so I’ll include this Queen video. Just fantastic!

One guitar-motivated visitor wrote:

The best type of electric guitar that I have ever used was the Simpson brand. I bought this guitar for only one hundred dollars. It is the best electric guitar that I have ever used.

My friends use other brands of electric guitars, like Charvel Guitars, some of which cost more then 500 dollars. They are more painful to use then this one and they cost more, and they also produce a lower quality sound.

Sometimes price indicates quality but in the case of electric guitar that is not directly the case. This guitar has helped me draw crowds of more than 100 people for under 100 dollars. I am very satisfied with my decision of buying this electric guitar.

Of course, I wonder if he could play like this: