Forumosa Irritates Me

By | February 28, 2012

For some of you who have interacted with on Forumosa, you may be wondering where or why I have gone.

I’m exiling myself from because I have better things to do than build someone’s advertising business, so you’ll now find me on Taiwaneasia! Yes, they are smaller communities, but many of the people who made discussing on Forumosa interesting especially in the Biz and Tech forums seem to have moved away anyway. Perhaps I will return, perhaps not.

But I would like my views to be taken into account by the Admin at Forumosa!


I appreciate your efforts to build an ad business here, and all the work that goes into running Forumosa. It is a lot of work….
Running ads is fine by me, but please know this, the smily is extremely irritating as it activates almost every time i visit forumosa. That is not good as I have to click fthe form to get rid of it. Every time.

Perhaps this is unintended, but i have already completed the form once. I don’t know if there is value in inconvevience for so many users.
I only suggested blocking ads as an extreme response to a very annoying problem, one that requires solution… And my browsers are all uptodate… So it is not a problem on my end.

But instead, you threaten to suspend my account without any recourse. That is not good way to treat me, one of your loyal users for many years especially all the content we create for Forumosa.

Solve this problem for your users… Please. And update your tos tomake sure that your terms of service include no adblocking, because your site tos does not include that.

Now you can choose to suspend my account, which is fine, but is that a good way to deal with a complaint that is a legitimate issue?… One that is shared by many users… Or you can address my complaint properly and look after your members because we are your customers, too.

A fellow stakeholder in Forumosa.

I received a reply from the admin in question, but I was too angry to read it. So I deleted it. Perhaps that wasn’t smart, but I didn’t want to be told off for my attitude or patronized… I just couldn’t imagine anything good coming from reading that reply.