Finances before X’mas

By | November 5, 2010

It’s difficult to finance X’mas in times like this and the list of items that ‘need’ to be bought can be quite long. But the worst thing to do is to give yourself a Christmas Financial Hangover that lasts all year.

So if you’re tempted to run up your bills, charge your credit cards, or borrow unexpectedly large amounts from banks or other informal sources, such as payday advances, you might want to run up a simple budget and see how you can do this without going into debt.

It’s simple: figure out what you CAN afford comfortably, and stick to your budget. That’s it. Practise saying ‘no’ a little, make your own presents, give people things that you can do and present nicely… avoid whatever way you can running up debt! And, remember, Joseph and Mary never had a credit card statement due after the birth of Jesus! So why should you after you celebrate His birthday.