I originally wanted to post it in the Foreign Whingers Group but knew that as soon as I did, I’d get trolled. So I removed it within 1 minute. Now I am going to whinge here.

…For those attending certain other entertainment venues, currently the government mandates a 3rd shot for both customers and staff. The venues don’t have choice in the matter. Many other groups of workers are also similarly mandated to have a 3rd shot. They don’t have much choice either.

Vaccine shots are generally for #1 and #2 are both needed to complete the initial vaccination program. It’s not two vaccinations, it’s one cycle. except Johnson and Johnson which is a single shot. #3 and #4 are also not full shots, but only partial doses of vaccine.

People complain about their human rights as individuals a lot, and I get it. Of course, we’ve been inconvenienced by this pandemic. But to focus only on ourselves as individuals and not see the societal connections with our friends, family, co-workers, relatives, customers, … is to ignore the obvious: we are also a society, and as society members we also have obligations to each other.

Thousands of fellow members of this society we call Taiwan have already died from Covid. Covid spread from friends, family, co-workers, relatives, strangers, … to these unfortunate people.

You may not like it, but the fact that we’ve got this far without the scale of covid disaster seen in Europe, North America, or elsewhere is damned amazing. We didn’t get it all right here, either. Mistakes are par for the course, when you confront an almost invisible enemy. But, like SARS, we will learn from the positive and negative consequences of COVID-19, I hope.

The list of victories is incredible: to go from literally no vaccine to billions of vaccines handed out in the space of 3 years; to create actionable testing programs that you can buy cheaply in 7-11; to treat the worst effects of COVID-19 in patients who 2 years ago would have been deemed hopeless with medicine that can be taken at home; to keep the hospital system functioning when other countries’ system almost collapsed under the strain; …

I’m sure once you think about it, you’ll realize that these things are also true. If you catch COVID-19, you’re less likely to get seriously sick, less likely to need to be admitted to hospital, less likely to die, and (probably) less likely to suffer long COVID than at any time in the past 3 years.

Of course, we’re tired of the shenanigans that we have to go through every damned day. But now is NOT the time to drop the ball. We are getting closer day by day to the end of COVID as we have known it, and our day of Freedom is coming soon. Have no doubt!

It’s not that I don’t want to hear your opinion, but if your opinion is tinged with fear, negativity, disdain, loathing, rudeness, covid denial, or other completely unnecessary point of view… I AM NOT INTERESTED.